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Why you need SEO services in India?

Search Engine Optimization, a fastest growing concept ever, which helps to bring traffic to any website. It has been emerged as an integral part of web marketing as it serves the best tactics for any business firm in order to get more customers and sales.


The main objective of any website is to get more online business by using effective marketing ideas. With a wealth of web pages available, providing similar topic, product, service and information, it becomes really difficult to target the audience. Though, the number of companies providing such services have increased considerably all around the world, India is currently having the largest part of world’s outsourcing business. Some of the biggest factors that stand India apart from other countries when it comes to hire SEO services are listed below:

Competence in English: Content writing or management has always been the key strategy of SEO. An efficient and strategic use of keywords or phrases is extremely important to maintain the relevancy of the overall content. Following this, India is considered to be the second highest number of English speaking people and thus making it favorite for SEO outsourcing.

Cost competitiveness: Studies have already proven that the SEO services provided by an Indian company are 60% cheaper than any other company in the world without compromising on the quality and standard.

Rich in Human Capital: Aside from being the most populous country, India is also having the largest number of young people. Majority of the Indian population is in between the age group of 15-45 years. This ratio when coupled with better academic and professional training always results in providing world class services.

High expertise in IT Industry: Presently, IT industry in India employs over 3 million professionals. This workforce is expected to be increased in 2013-2014. Hiring them always allow the business to get specialized knowledge and skills.

State of SEO currently in India

According to a recent survey, the number of Internet users’ worldwide estimated to reach 2.2 billion in 2013, in which India is projected to have the third largest online population after China and US.

As we know every coin has a two sides, in the same way, internet users has its parallel side i.e. internet marketing, which basically refers to marketing of brands, products and services. Out of all the lucrative marketing resources, Search Engine Optimization is the most popular & fruitful option. It plays a crucial role in making the businesses friendly to the search engines as the process focus heavily on the information that a particular website provides and pay close attention to the competitors so that it can rise and rank above them.

Hiring SEO services always helps to boost marketing return on investment as their professionals serves:

– All Time Promotion: Once you hire a trusted and reputed SEO company, they will always implement such strategies that are completely tailored to meet the requirements of your company. The effective internet marketing techniques provided by them substantially increases the visitors to the website.

– High Search Engine Rankings: By featuring good quality content and attracting the right kind of audience, an SEO company always ensures the top search engine rankings.

– Boost Sales: Search Engine optimization not only brings the right visitors to the site, but also holds their attention and converts them into customers. This eventually gives the lead position and increases sales too.

Our SEO process:

Blurbpoint not only just claims but promises to make your website more visible and relevant with Google’s authority. We treat your business in the same way like you treat your clients. Our packages include:

  • Initial keyword research: Our effective keyword research always allows the business to know their customers and market. It always leads to provide a positive and end result to your website.
  • Competitive Intelligence: It helps you in knowing your competition and what they are doing. Accordingly you can plan the things that you need to do.
  • Site structure Analysis: In order to execute successful SEO, we thoroughly analysis the structure of the site. This always leads to identify the internal problems and find the ideal keywords to target.
  • Current site positioning: We optimize your website through several factors in order to provide the current positioning of your site.
  • Onsite SEO: Our strategic placement of keywords in your website titles, URL’s, Meta descriptions and content ensures you to get good return on investment.
  • Effective Link building tactics: All the link building tactics that we use in our campaign are safe and effective. This includes blogs and post links, using paid links to the fullest, writing press releases to spread the link, etc.
  • Keyword & traffic measurements: We do provide website traffic report, which turns out to be the best opportunity to locate the potential prospects and to accomplish the certain goals.
  • Reporting: Our professionals provide a detailed information on how reporting is done and on what basis. Besides that, we also provide a complete explanation on the tools that are being used to track the progress.

Why Blurbpoint is different from other SEO companies in India?

For more than five years, we have been evolved in serving assured SEO results to our clients. We have all the necessary skills and professionals to handle your SEO projects. We always strive the maximize the profit by focusing on those areas only that are relevant to your type of product and services. Our prime intention for monetizing the site is to make it more useful for the audience.

We provide:

  • Complete Accuracy: As we don’t follow unethical SEO practices, we always love to share the strategies with the clients that are going to be executed.
  • Result-oriented SEO techniques: We always make use of result oriented SEO techniques in order to deliver quality results to our clients.
  • Affordable SEO pricing: Being affordable to the clients is our main motto, which not only provides benefits to them, but to our reputation as well.
  • Quick Reply on any query: Our staff is available for 24×7 on phone and emails. We place our clients first in all the decisions.
  • Free SEO Audit reports and Consultation: To provide thorough information on SEO requirements, we provide free SEO audit reports and consultations.

Significant benefits from Blurbpoint’s SEO services


Our high level of expertise in web promotion strategies brings:

  • Traffic to the site: Our proper SEO campaign always ensures that the website get more traffic and move up in the search engine rankings organically.
  • SERP’s for the site: With informative content, extensive keyword research and link popularity building, we provide your site high search engine placement.
  • Increased ROI: As we are only focused to the genuinely interested customers and potential buyers, this ensures any business a greater return on investment.
  • Improved business growth: By designing an effective marketing strategy based on the requirements of the search engines and the audience, we provide fruitful results in expanding the business growth.
  • Online Reputation: All the elements that used in our SEO campaign right from selecting keywords to the link building platform, have a huge impact on protecting your online reputation.

We have a large pool of SEO professionals at Blurbpoint, who helps you to expand your business thoroughly in an effective way.

Our SEO Services helps you in

  • Generate More Sales
  • Increase Business Leads
  • Drive Traffic to Your Website
  • Higher Rankings
  • Brand Exposure
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Website Optimization
  • Online Visibility

As per the below statistics we can see

Search engines works to rank websites that give visitors a great experience. We help our clients to develop great properties online which loved by users and search engines.In fact that Search Engines will only love your website if your visitors will love it. So each and every page of your website should contains the most understandable and useful content that can satisfy the needs of its targeted visitors.

But even this whole analysis and optimization is not enough! Google constantly updates its algorithm and continuously creating the new set of rules of online promotions to stay on top of its Internet Industry. So Blurbpoint is always been on the top in the ever-changing world of SEO and Internet Marketing, making necessary adjustments to our strategies to help all of our clients in achieving their goals online.

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