Social Media Marketing

Make your Brand juicier in the Social world!

1.Why you really need Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing, a sub-field in target service marketing, which virtually cost nothing except your time. It is a modern age marketing method that reins the potential of the social web in terms of promoting and branding a business. This type of digital marketing plays a key role to enhance and support the efforts of search engine optimization. Its different activities like sharing, listening, engagement, conversations and trust-building have become the most important part of the growing marketing phenomenon. Apart from that, it also helps to focus on other important matter aside from marketing the product and service.

With the inception of Social Media Marketing, many business organizations have got an innovative way to gain best business advantages. It helps them to build brand loyalty and provide huge customer base as it :

  • Analyze website traffic and user behaviour
  • Develop brand image and awareness
  • Develop affiliate network
  • Reach out to the target customer base

  • 2013 will definitely going to be the year of social media. So get started with this campaign and gain utmost visibility in the competitive market place.

    2.Statistics of SMO in India:


    Different social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become a massive part of everyone’s life. It has never been easier to make friends and interacting with the new people as it is right now.


    Facebook has currently one billion active users per month, out of which almost 65 million of its users are from India, thus making it the second largest country on Facebook. On the other side, Twitter has 500 million monthly active users in which India stands at the sixth place in terms of Twitter accounts.

    Considering these ratios, it is clear that if any business makes use of such platforms in marketing wisely and intelligently, it certainly leads to better credibility and reputation online.

    3.Our SMM Work Process:


    Social media marketing is a dynamic marketing platform. It is usually the process of promoting businesses, products, services and websites through various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. These days, it has become the necessity of any business to be present on these social media giants in order to remain up to date and competent. Many organizations have already adopted social media marketing as a way to expand the market for their products and services and also to stay ahead of their competitors.

    We at, work hard towards providing our clients with the maximum scope to engage, interact, connect, and share information with their potential customers. Let’s have a look at our SMM work process:


    We observe in detail all the recent trends and demands in the market. Also, we keep an eye on what your competitors are up to? It helps greatly in deciding the steps to be taken for the marking of your business on social media sites.


    A proper plan can drive amazing results to your business. With proper & frequent content delivery, ways to engage your audience, etc., one can achieve his social media marketing goals.


    Engaging and monitoring the audience is one of the most critical activities. With our SMM services, we try to engage more & more people to trust & like your business. This will help your business to get a large number of loyal customers.


    A detailed and careful analysis of your SMM will help you in avoiding the risks associated with this marketing strategy.

    Key Benefits of using our SMM services:

    1. It is the smartest way to promote your products & services.
    2. Saves a lot of time & energy & allow you to concentrate on other areas of your business.
    3. Provides the most affordable way to take your business to the advanced level.
    4. It helps in creating a positive image of your brand & increases its awareness.
    5. It provides direct communication with the targeted audience.
    6. Helps in receiving the point of view of various people about your products and services.

    Looking for enhanced brand reputation and traffic generation activities? Do not bother! Look into our well-categorized Social Media Marketing Plans or call us straight away to speak with our Internet Marketing experts.

    Our SEO Services helps you in

    • Generate More Sales
    • Increase Business Leads
    • Drive Traffic to Your Website
    • Higher Rankings
    • Brand Exposure
    • Search Engine Visibility
    • Website Optimization
    • Online Visibility

    As per the below statistics we can see

    Search engines works to rank websites that give visitors a great experience. We help our clients to develop great properties online which loved by users and search engines.In fact that Search Engines will only love your website if your visitors will love it. So each and every page of your website should contains the most understandable and useful content that can satisfy the needs of its targeted visitors.

    But even this whole analysis and optimization is not enough! Google constantly updates its algorithm and continuously creating the new set of rules of online promotions to stay on top of its Internet Industry. So Blurbpoint is always been on the top in the ever-changing world of SEO and Internet Marketing, making necessary adjustments to our strategies to help all of our clients in achieving their goals online.

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