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Transforming qualified opportunities into the profitable sales

What is meant by Lead Generation?

Lead generation is basically an internet marketing term used to generate interest of prospective customers and their inquiries in your business. The process of generating leads is quite easy and considered as the most emphasizing marketing means out there in the market. A lead can be a person, business or organization that is possibly curious about the products or services that your business provides. It is a great way to bond the company with its customers. It makes various potential customers aware regarding your business, products and services.

For any business, it is very essential to acquire and follow-up each lead. The various sources for lead generations are from networking, public relations, or advertising. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that lead generation is a necessity of any business, without which it cannot survive for long.

Why your business needs leads?

For any business, lead generation is an imperative part of daily activities. Without it, developing and closing sales is probability insubstantial. For this reason, all businesses are required to spend some of their time and money in the process of generating leads. Generating new leads means increased sales and higher profits.

These days, lead generation is becoming more and more popular with businesses as it empowers them to:

  • Decide cost on the basis of each lead
  • Select the products and services that they like to offer
  • Determine their interested areas where they would like to expand business
  • Adjust the leads that they want to receive per month
  • Pay particularly for the leads that are derived.

  • We can help you in generating sales leads in the form of people or organizations that are actively searching for the products and services that you provide. We make use of quality sites in order to attract various customers and make them aware regarding your business, products and services. Whether you are operating a small or large business, our highest quality lead generation services will definitely going to work for your business.

    Blurbpoint’s Process for Lead generation:

    A flawless lead generation development keeps on evolving with the business and its demand. It is the best and efficient way of interacting directly with your potential customers that are actively searching for the exact products and services that you are providing.
    For getting more sales and better business, we can help you through our Lead generation process. We are here to plan, control, optimize and measure your online lead generation. Let’s have a look at our process of lead generation in various phases:

    Phase 1:

    Understanding Your Business: Before starting the lead generation campaign for your business, our lead generation services experts makes every effort to collect a deeper knowledge of your business. After gaining all the essential information including your business goal, standard and intent users, accordingly we plan for the campaign. A detailed knowledge of your business helps us greatly in preparing the campaign and brings out the quality results.

    Phase 2:

    Your vital landing pages: After acquiring perceptive information about your business, we prepare a creative landing page on various famous and top quality sites so as to add reliability to your web site.

    Phase 3:

    Drive the traffic towards your site: After creating the landing page, we try to bring quality traffic to your web site through high quality and reliable sources. We make sure that all the visitors coming to your site are mainly seeking for the products or services that you are offering.

    Phase 4:

    Highest rate of ROI: We along with our expert team of lead generation work constantly in order to make you avail the utmost rate of Return on Investment for your business.

    In this way, with our substantial lead generation campaigns, your businesses will definitely going to have qualified and new leads perpetually.

    How we generate leads through SMO?

    Social media is a great and a wonderful means to generate leads. These days, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin have emerged as a powerful tool for various marketers. By developing and applying sales based strategies for social media, one can enjoy fantastic lead generation through this platform. The success is usually based on how you plan and implement your marketing strategy. We can make a perfect and careful planning, implementation, and analyzation in order to improve your marketing strategy & lead generation. Blurbpoint provides you different ways to generate leads through various social networks like:


    Facebook is one of the most valuable tools for lead generation. Check out for some of the essential tips for generating Leads from Facebook:

  • Sharing links to content on your Facebook Page’s wall.
  • Adding call-to-action (CTA) buttons.
  • Developing higher quality engagement with enduring fans.
  • Increasing your reach by adding ‘follow me’ buttons & links to your website pages.
  • Adding Facebook Like plugin & share buttons to content.

  • Twitter:

    Twitter is a great way to reach new and existing customers and get an increased traffic to your website. Some of the important tips for generating Leads from Twitter are:

  • Making a purposeful Twitter landing page.
  • Tweeting links to landing pages.
  • Sharing appropriate & relevant “tweets”.
  • keeping track of industry terms with Twitter Search.
  • Engage in Twitter chats.
  • Linking your blog to Twitter.

  • Linkedin:

    Linkedin allows you to get in touch with your prospective clients and building awareness of your products, services and business. Here are some of the best tips for Generating Leads from Linkedin:

  • Taking part in group discussions
  • Making use of Answers Tool
  • Sharing valuable content in your Linkedin page on a frequent basis
  • Joining various Linkedin groups
  • Adding applications to your Linkedin profiles

  • Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation Services to Blurbpoint:

    Do you want to convert prospective customers into long term customers? If yes, then outsourcing lead generation services to Blurbpoint would be the right choice.
    These days, nearly each company desires good leads. Therefore, they opt for the option of outsourcing lead generation services, which can help them in obtaining good leads. With our experience of more than 5 years, we help various organizations to generate good leads along with excellent business opportunities on a regular basis. Our experienced and professional team gradually working to generate leads for almost any industry. All the efforts made by us can surely assist your business to get increased revenue and profits.

    Benefits of outsourcing lead generation services include:

  • Competent targeting & exceptional methods
  • Guarantee qualified leads
  • Marked up sales volume
  • Examine the existing status of every lead
  • Proper follow-up on your leads
  • Upholding continuous communication with your customers
  • Lessened cost per sale
  • Increases revenue

  • So, get in touch as soon as possible to get high quality customized leads for your business. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

    Our SEO Services helps you in

    • Generate More Sales
    • Increase Business Leads
    • Drive Traffic to Your Website
    • Higher Rankings
    • Brand Exposure
    • Search Engine Visibility
    • Website Optimization
    • Online Visibility

    As per the below statistics we can see

    Search engines works to rank websites that give visitors a great experience. We help our clients to develop great properties online which loved by users and search engines.In fact that Search Engines will only love your website if your visitors will love it. So each and every page of your website should contains the most understandable and useful content that can satisfy the needs of its targeted visitors.

    But even this whole analysis and optimization is not enough! Google constantly updates its algorithm and continuously creating the new set of rules of online promotions to stay on top of its Internet Industry. So Blurbpoint is always been on the top in the ever-changing world of SEO and Internet Marketing, making necessary adjustments to our strategies to help all of our clients in achieving their goals online.

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