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Enjoy instant sales through our paid advertising campaign

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay per Click is simply a kind of sponsored online advertising, which is carried on a large number of websites including search engines. In this method, the advertiser is required to pay for every click that a web user makes on his advertisement. For using PPC, the advertisers usually setup PPC on PPC network and ascertain the amount; they are willing to pay for each click that they receive.

Also, advertisers are first of all required to choose various keywords, key phrases, groups and categories in which they want their advertisements to appear. When comparing to other types of advertisement, it is very cost effective method. Choosing PPC campaign for your website can surely bring instant results in the form of traffic and a higher rank in the search engines. So, start implementing Pay per Click advertising today in order to generate potential revenue to the company.

Why you want to choose it as part of your internet marketing campaign?

Pay per Click (PPC) is the most common type of Internet marketing that plays a crucial role in driving traffic to any website. It allows its users to pay an agreed amount for the traffic they receive. PPC services are particularly organized towards search engines and various other advertising network sites where businesses pay an acquiesced amount each time a user “clicks” on their advertisement. For this kind of method, the advertisers are required to bid for the keywords or group of keywords that are most relevant to their products and services.

Now, the question is why you should use PPC?

Below are the points that explain the importance of PPC for your Internet marketing campaign:

  • It helps in increasing the volume of traffic to your website
  • It is comparatively more cost effective than other advertisements
  • It is very easy to create & allows you to optimize your campaign as per your needs
  • Provides a full control over the placement of your ads on any website
  • One can bid for your advertisement on various search pages as per your budget
  • Create awareness amongst consumers about your products and services
  • Businesses will get global exposure
  • It offers instant results in terms of sales
  • One can attract the extremely targeted audience who are interested in your products & services.

  • A PPC program is without any doubt an ongoing process and needs a regular testing and follows up. A proper and perfect management of PPC programs is very much essential for running a successful Pay per Click advertising campaign. Many companies try to manage their PPC programs on their own, but it is always recommended to select the best and experienced company like our’s to manage your PPC campaigns in order to get the highest quality results.

    Our Approach for Effective PPC Campaigns

    Through various channels like Google and Yahoo, we continuously make efforts to perform PPC campaigns and analyzing how we can bring more return at lesser cost. We work with almost all the paid search programs available on the Internet, but the programs that we usually suggest to our clients on the basis of reliability & effectiveness are Google’s PPC program known as Adwords, Yahoo and Bing PPC program known as Bing adCenter and Facebook sponsor advertisements program known as Facebook ads.

    Various Factors included in our PPC Program:


    We accumulate a full consideration of your goals and objectives through conveying a detailed analysis of your business, prevailing market campaigns and target groups. The various factors considered by us includes:

  • Advanced PPC management strategies:
  • We make use of cutting-edge PPC management plan of action by accommodating peculiar SEO techniques.

  • Refine Your Campaign:
  • In order to make your PPC campaigns more successful, we continuously refine your products so as to get the right kind of audiences who are looking to buy what you are selling.

  • Optimize your keywords:
  • Optimization of keywords can prove to be the key to continued success and growth.

  • Testing:
  • As PPC is an ongoing process and needs a proper testing and follow up, we gradually perform testing of keywords, targeted customers, fresh updates and more.

  • Tracking and frequent monitoring:
  • We do management of tracking, reporting and frequent monitoring to support all campaign activity.

    So, by choosing us for managing your PPC campaigns, you can surely boost your overall sales and performance.

    What we implement:


  • We plan and perform an exceptionally customized marketing strategy that helps to boost the traffic to your site & ultimately enhance the visitor conversion rate.
  • Our team of marketing experts offers an entire support for managing your complete Program.
  • We guarantee competent theme selection for your campaign.
  • We can help you in creating relevant and attractive ads for you so as to attract a large number of people.
  • We assist you in setting up and managing a cost-effective strategy for a profitable ROI.
  • By designing quality & an attractive landing page, we help you to reach the largest audience as possible.
    In this way, after studying your Internet business competition and carefully implementing all the necessary steps, we assist you in expanding your business gently and maintain your ROI/sales.

    Our SEO Services helps you in

    • Generate More Sales
    • Increase Business Leads
    • Drive Traffic to Your Website
    • Higher Rankings
    • Brand Exposure
    • Search Engine Visibility
    • Website Optimization
    • Online Visibility

    As per the below statistics we can see

    Search engines works to rank websites that give visitors a great experience. We help our clients to develop great properties online which loved by users and search engines.In fact that Search Engines will only love your website if your visitors will love it. So each and every page of your website should contains the most understandable and useful content that can satisfy the needs of its targeted visitors.

    But even this whole analysis and optimization is not enough! Google constantly updates its algorithm and continuously creating the new set of rules of online promotions to stay on top of its Internet Industry. So Blurbpoint is always been on the top in the ever-changing world of SEO and Internet Marketing, making necessary adjustments to our strategies to help all of our clients in achieving their goals online.

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